Happiness is the one thing that everyone is seeking. We all have that in common. Author William Arthur Ward wrote, "Happiness is an inside job," and his words have powerful meaning. The journey to happiness starts on the inside. But how exactly?


Dahlia Rondeau, M. Ed., CTHP, Certified Life-Coach, NLP + Inner-Healing Practitioner

How can a session help with finding happiness? 

Through one-on-one inner-healing and life-coaching sessions, feelings of happiness can be achieved as new thought processesses and pathways in your mindset occur. Taking the steps to disengage from old and disempowering belief systems and patterns that can be holding you back, you can connect to new unlimited belief systems. Transformation occurs with new thinking, new mindsets and new faith in your innate abilities to heal on a cellular-level and find balance through self-awareness and compassion.  

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Disclaimer: Healing, ThetaHealing, NLP, Life-Coaching and private sessions with Dahlia does not in any way claim to treat or heal specific conditions; the effectiveness of sessions is based on an individual's ability to heal and transform and the results will vary. A person's free will and choice is always available, and in no way does Dahlia claim to do anything other than guide and encourage optimal happiness and healing.