Where your attention goes, the energy flows. Open up to new ways of being, full of more positive expectation, happiness and joy!

Utilizing a holistic and transformative approach through basic methods of quantum mechanics, Dahlia assists you in releasing negative and limiting beliefs, and opening up to a more positive energetic reality. Unrealized potential in your being are brought forward, with careful and thoughtful awareness and insight that can create miraculous results. Personal empowerment and self-esteem are improved through one-on-one-sessions and ABA Therapy-Inspired positive energy reinforcement. With careful guidance and encouragement, Dahlia assists you in taking leaps of faith into new paradigms of reality in your life. With a theme of "staying in your own free will and power of choice," Dahlia encourages and coaches you in utilizing this perspective for co-creating in joy. Parents and caregivers to special needs children and teens, have found guidance and peace through Dahlia's unique and first-hand perspective of what it's like being on the spectrum of Autism. In addition, people with depression and anxiety have enjoyed experiencing new paradigms of reality of all kinds through sessions.

"By helping others, we can move into an elevated platform of living; one of miracles and synchronicity, happiness and inner-peace everyday." -- Dahlia

Sessions with Dahlia are available via phone or Skype for added convenience. Phone and Skype session availability are scheduled generally two weeks out and are an easy way to begin transformation.  To schedule your first appointment, reserve your space HERE. 

For questions or to find out more, please e-mail healingwithdahlia@live.com.  Thank you.


What is the connection between quantum mechanics (Science) and personal transformation?

"If you understand this model of quantum physics, then it becomes apparent that we’re not in the physical world.  The physical world is in us.  We create the physical world when we perceive it, when we observe it.  And also we create this experience in our imagination.  And when I say “we,” I don’t mean the physical body or the brain, but a deeper domain of consciousness which conceives, governs, constructs and actually becomes everything that we call physical reality. 

This is a model that is being explored by some academic scientists working in the field of neuroscience, and also in the field of quantum physics."

~Excerpt from 2007 interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra, on Quantum Physics.




Disclaimer: ThetaHealing and private sessions with Dahlia does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions; the effectiveness of sessions is based on an individual's ability to heal and the results will vary. A person's free will and choice is always available, and in no way does Dahlia claim to do anything other than guide and encourage optimal happiness and healing.