I am a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified in Life-Coaching and use kinesiology (non-invasive muscle-testing) to discover negative belief systems that indicate they're ready to be changed. These techniques can help you find relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, trauma, and build better self-worth, self-esteem and relationships in your life.  

 Dahlia K. Rondeau, M.Ed., CTHP, NLPP, LC

By day, I've worked with the public school system in Maine, in the area of Special Education, providing support and teaching to those with disabilities of all kinds while our family lived there for 3 years. Having recently relocated back to our beloved home in Austin, TX, I'm in private practice at Austin Holistic Health, providing emotional healing support and helping others in the field of self-improvement. Formerly a practitioner at Infinity Wellness Center in Austin, I've worked in tandem with chiropractic care and acupuncture, providing emotional support for those who are in need of deeper emotional healing and complementary care.

Whether there's healing on the inner-level needed for success, or freedom from emotional trauma of the past, helping others break-free from disempowering mindsets is a personal passion of mine. No matter where you are in life, I believe anything is possible. Redirecting negative self-talk, using positive motivation and accountability, are strategies I've learned and help you with for our one-on-one sessions. Because I'm also a parent to twin boys on the spectrum of autism and hold a Master's Degree in Special Education, I find working with parents, caregivers, teens and young adults with disabilities or talented + gifted exceptional learners are my special niche. Being aware and accepting of the broad range of differences in our world, and finding balance, utilizing coping skills and finding new ways to perceive and relate to one another is vital. Everyone has a gift and everyone deserves to be happy--helping you find self-worth no matter the circumstances is key to overcoming everyday obstacles. The field of neuroscience and neuroplasticity has proven that our minds are ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-evolving. We can make huge strides in these areas by becoming aware of sub-conscious and conscious thoughts and beliefs, and creating new and more positive neural pathways. 

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Author William Arthur Ward wrote, "Happiness is an inside job," and his words have powerful meaning.

The journey to happiness starts on the inside.  


How can a session help with finding happiness? 

Through one-on-one sessions that combine ThetaHealing, NLP, kinesiology and coaching for change that supports you in emotional health and growth, feelings of happiness can be developed. As new thought processesses and neuro-pathways are formed and emerge, progress in your personal happiness can take place. Kinesiology (muscle-testing) is used to discover beliefs and emotional stressors that are ready for change. Transformation can occur instantly and permanently, with new abilities to heal on a cellular-level taking place through self-love, systematic follow-through, new awareness and faith. Each person has their own, individual ideals for happiness, and this unique perspective is what is brought forward.

Sessions are designed to be a safe place to share fears and concerns, and shift out of any negative mind looping that shows up, so that your future can be in brighter focus. Dahlia specializes in working with individuals with anxiety, emotional trauma and disabilities of all kinds, helping with encouragement, compassion, emotional support and self-confidence. Helping you see things in a new light, in a new way for more positive feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

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