During a session what to expect:

1) Sit in a quiet space for your session, if possible. If you are at home for a remote, long-distance session via phone or Skype, please have TVs off, music off, and try to be free of any outside distractions, so you can focus and release emotionally if needed. This happens and it's okay! Have your tissues nearby just in case you need them, and have some water next to you. If you are visiting our office for a session, we ensure you to have as quiet of a space as possible, with water and tissues provided for you in a safe, professional and confidential atmosphere inside Austin Holistic Health.

2) Questions are asked and you can feel free to answer what you feel to be true. Not what you think should be said. There are no right or wrong answers, only your answers which are truth for you. There is no judgment or critique of your past choices or experiences at anytime during or from your session. The healing work is meant to assist you on your journey, as you shift and create your highest and best lifepath, in your own special way.

3) A session lasts approximately one hour; workshops and classes vary in time and duration.

4) When session ends, you are encouraged to drink water and return to normal activities within 30-minutes to an hour if needed, allowing time for contemplation. Refrain from heavy exercise afterwards and allow yourself time to integrate and process your session fully. This is very important! Allow the change to happen and to "let-go" of the mountains that are moved.

5) R-E-L-A-X and breathe. This is the most important part of session and after-session care. By doing the self-improvement work, you are transforming. Believe this to be true! Progress, no matter how small, is significant to your well-being. I'm cheering you on! You can do this.   

Disclaimer: Results for healing may vary; all sessions with Dahlia can and should be used in conjunction with expert medical advice and treatment that you are already receiving, and should never replace medical treatment or seeking medical treatment for any diagnosis that has been given to you by a medical practitioner.