Kinesiology - Muscle Testing

Kinesiology, also called muscle testing, is a form of biofeedback used to have your body actually talk to you or give you positive or negative confirmation of information discovered. When utilized for emotional healing, kinesiology is used to determine belief systems, to locate where energy is stored in your body and what emotional trauma has taken place in the past that is ready to be cleared. The biofeedback helps to determine what emotional stressors are affecting you now. Dahlia uses kinesiology to see what changes have taken place as the body's neuro-associations are positively changed and affected. This is non-invasive and very helpful to both your in-person or long-distance sessions. You can actually witness your changed energy patterns as well, which strengthens your awareness and abilities to increase your transformation progress. Muscle-testing is used as a way to form baseline data and is a great way to "see" what shows up. 

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