Spiritual life coaching supports you in developing your faith and growing in coping skills, strength and love, helping you in overcoming difficulty in specific areas of your life. Whether it's in relationships, physical healing and transformation, career, entrepreneurship, marketing, prosperity, or in education and development, think of it as someone to encourage you to make positive life choices. Helping you problem-solve, creating more positive outcomes, generating prosperity and visibility, motivating you in changing habits, and redirecting you whenever negative self-talk or negative thinking wants to take over--spiritual life coaching can help you advance in many ways--with a strong faith-driven concept at its core; with God all things are possible.


With ongoing spiritual life coaching, we typically focus on behavior and spiritual development, overcoming areas where you seem "stuck" or perhaps you have fear and a need for breakthrough. This journey takes place in a safe environment so that personal issues and areas that are blocked or stuck can be brought into personal awareness with peace, calm and non-judgment. Weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions are encouraged for developing more self-confidence, recognizing destructive behaviors, growing positive coping skills, creating more work-life balance + flow, enhancing self-awareness and learning calm breathing and meditation techniques. Tasks for development are often assigned and encouraged at post-session for your continued advancement.


Do more of what makes you happy.

-Carmel McConnell